Unfortunately, I reached the age of almost 30 years, but I have never been married. People say that I very trusty and everyone enjoy this. My fancies usually ended with disappointment and tears. I decided to contact the Marriage Agency “DreamsComeTrue”, because I give up on the sterner sex. My friend recommended. I was gladden by sincere attitude and kindness of staff. After two weeks, our first date was held. Anatoly seems the nearest and dearest. I hope that we will do it. I will write about progression of events.


Thanks to the team of the Marriage Agency for serious approach to their work. I did not expect that Internet service will appear so qualitative. Difference between people who use dating sites and customers of agency are striking. I went out and was impressed by girl purity and her serious mind. Curious to relate, we was talking about family, not about the pads and pins. We did not really like each other, however, our impressions were very positive. I recommend this Agency. The end justifies the means!


From the first visit to DreamsComeTrue I realized that everything is on the highest level here. The system is set in order to protect customers from kill time for waste dates. The team of Agency understands that has dealings with busy people who have no time for nonsense. It is important to look for somebody who will be yours, not specific husband or wife. It is the only way, you can objectively look at the potential life partner as at person. I am still under the impression.


I decided to contact the Agency out of desperation, because I did not understand how I can find significant other. I often made mistakes, taking for love only men’s good fellowship. As it turned out, there are enough normal people. It is necessary to relate to everything otherwise. Thanks “DreamsComeTrue” I finally understood that you should not openly demonstrate your desire to marry. On the first date, I realized how real man can be polite and friendly in manner. Thanks!


I always thought that I have no problems with contacts. I can easy make acquaintance with somebody on the street, café, on the sites and anywhere. However, I always felt that something is wrong. I decided to contact the Agency. Just now, I realized that dating is not all. It is not enough to find the man, you must learn belong together. It does not mean that acquaintance will turn into something serious. Moreover, I believe that my destiny is favorable to me and I will meet my soul mate.


I always take a dim view of such marriage agencies and thought that they were useless. I can get acquainted by myself without questions. However, I began to understand that girls need everything what I can give them, not me. This approach is not for me. I told this to the Agency staff. They immediately comforted me and said that everything is serious. I fully realized this on the first Date. Nastya was a nice girl. Her goal was not to pull out my money. We had a good time, and arranged about next Date. Thanks guys, I didn’t expect)).


I was pleased by individual approach and friendly attitude of the staff. It is felt a sincere desire to help. Here I was told what parts of the personality should be developed, and what it is worth considering. Now I know what is important to the opposite sex. It became clear for me about what to talk to the girl during the date, how I must be to take fancy))) It is very pleasant that selection is carried out on individual parameters, not in random way. Three days ago I addressed to the Agency, tonight I will go the date. I hope that everything will be OK)))))


Only now, I managed to open my feminine nature. When you communicate with a person not by status, it is very noticeable that nothing good came from this. Everything is serious in “DreamsComeTrue”. Casual encounters are excluded. Of course, it is possible that you will displease to each other, that is no big deal! Before I contacted with other agencies, but they only pulled money without result. The guys promised to bring to fruition, that’s why confidence is appeared.


I always considered that I am a master of pickup, and laughed at those people who can’t get acquainted by himself. My friend has contacted with this Agency, and after two weeks, I realized that the usual one-day acquaintance and stable relationship are completely different things. In relationships, it is not important the moment of acquaintance. It is important that people matched to each other. You will laugh, but I am going to follow the example of my friend and settle down. I want a normal family. I am tired of castaway chicks. It is good that there are such serious organizations.


In due time I decided to choose the career. Now everything is OK, I have all, but want love. I have no time for dates and other dumb things, my friend recommended me to contact “DreamsComeTrue”. So, I did it. It is too soon to talk about results. I was pleased by team’s friendly attitude and their careful approach. I take a dim view of such corporations at all, but I want to hope for the best. I think that I will find here “my” man. I will write as soon as I receive some results.